Create a responsive website to support Fount's native application.


Create a responsive website to support Fount's native application that allow users to have the convenience of having Fount's app on the web and also makes purchasing curated products easier. Fount is the place to go when you want to discover and buy the latest trends found through Instagram in fashion, decor, accessories, and design.

My Role

As the UX/UI Designer for this project I focused on interpreting data gathered from contextual inquiries, usability tests from the existing website, usability testing from competitor’s websites, and and extended user journey study to create a practical and delightful way bring Fount's native app to the masses. I created hi fidelity prototypes on Sketch with multiple iterations and user tests using Invision.


Created and designed a responsive web concept of what Fount may look like on the web. Came up with potential user flows, and wireframes as well as some high fidelity mocks concepts for the app's website.