Complete and create the onboarding tutorial for the Fount App. Users needed a way to understand how the app is used and I was tasked to create the best way to showcase and come up with some interactions that would allow users to better understand the app.

My Role

As the UX/UI Designer for this project I had to understand the fount users, new and old. I also had to learn the app as well. I came into the project in the middle, so I had my own learnings I needed to do. This did help me figure out a solution to the usability issue of tutorials in the app.


Because the fount app is a curating and shopping app, we decided the best route to tackle this problem was for the tutorials be triggered based. So users will not have to learn everything and memorize what needed to be done. But would be able to discover new and interesting features as they also discover new and interesting products on the App.