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Food Truck Finder (FTF) is an app we’re developing that helps users locate food trucks they love, find new food trucks in their area, see menus of those food trucks, and pay for their meals using the app. Create a simple flow to pitch idea to stakeholders.

Provided Resources

For this challenge, I was given a requirements document that outlined the necessary components, features, and content for the three screens that will be used to pitch the app idea. This challenge tested my ability to design with restrictions—the design brief, typography, color, and iconography were all provided. 


In my search for food truck apps, I was not able to find any that worked for my location. As a result, I was not able to determine how their experiences were defined. However, when it comes to food search experiences, I was able to determine three top competitors: GrubHub, Foursquare, and Yelp. These apps have a large user base and provide users with search capability, discovery, menu, reviews, ratings, etc. 


Based on the requirements document, I was able to determine a few opportunities that I think would help enhance the experience. Some ideas include providing popular times, recommendations based on favorites, sharing, ratings, reviews, etc. 

Goals & Target Audience

After stepping back and reviewing my learnings, I was able to define my goal and target market. The market I'm targeting for are young professionals who have a passion for food and food trucks. They download this app to discover new food trucks around the area and would like to manage and receive notifications for trucks they are following. The goal of this app is to provide the best food truck search and discovery experience and help users make the best decision on where to eat and discover new and exciting food trucks in the area.

Drafting the Experience

The wireframing stage helped me understand the relations of each screen and components. For example, deciding whether to launch the app in the Map View or List View experience. What are the benefits and disadvantages combining certain screens or adding a few screen? This stage allows me to make cautious decisions and strategize on my approach.

Designing the Experience

Here is a look at the three most important screens to pitch this food truck app. Some key features include a enable location start up screen to prompt the users about what the app does, map and list view of feed, food truck profile etc.

Get Started Screen

With anything new, I feel like users need to be introduced to a product. This helps inform the users what the app is about and how it can be used to help them with their daily routines. One of the most important screens for the FTF App, I feel is the “enable location services” screen. Many people are concerned about privacy, and I feel giving them the control puts them at ease some what. We explain how users will need to enable location in order for the app to work how as intended. Putting users in control helps with products not feel too intrusive.

Feed - Map View (Default)

This is the feed screen. The default view of the feed, will be map view. The app give users results of food trucks nearby, using location services. Users can easily toggle between map view and list view. Users can set the distance of how far they want to find food trucks, so they will always know when a Food Truck is nearby. Pagination dots helps to inform users how many are in the results, and how many food trucks they can scroll through.

Feed - List View

This is the list view of the feed. In list view, for this screen I made the page to be filtered to "recommended" but users can always filter that differently. I needed to show this because I was trying to keep the list to the 3 dummy data that was given in the exercise. (Map view, it is defaulted to nearest to ground zero)

Food Truck Profile

The truck profile page is where users can find more detailed information about a particular food truck. They can also set an alert for when a truck is in their proximity, bell icon top right corner. This is extremely useful as food truck locations may change regularly. Another important feature is to also include recent and upcoming locations for the food trucks. I used swipe-able tabs for numerous other information we can add to the profile. Tabs not shown but could also include, coupons, similar food trucks, etc.


Besides finding food trucks that are nearby, users also have the option to search for specific food trucks. The goal of this page is to provide results for a user's search. Just like the feed, the default view is the map. Users can toggle between map view/list view. This will only show food trucks based on the search criteria the user has inputed in the previous screen.