Shopbolt Mweb Portal

Mobile Web


Rework a difficult and confusing registration process to allow users to manage their Shopbolt account via mobile mweb. Reduce the amount of information requested so that users can edit their information and continue using the services faster. Eliminate extraneous elements that could distract users and prevent them from completing their objective.


Having users be able to keep track of what was ordered in the past as well as provide the initiative for users to re-order and keep using Shopbolt’s services.

My Role

As the UX/UI Designer for this project I focused on interpreting data gathered from contextual inquiries, usability tests from the existing website, usability testing from competitor’s websites, developing use cases and user flows. I created wireframes to guide the engineering team, created hi-fidelity prototypes on Sketch with multiple iterations and user tests using Invision. I also created some of the CSS Stylesheet for the engineering team to align with the site’s new branding.


Leveraged a User-centered design approach in a e-commerce environment and produced a vastly improved UX that is best practice’s driven.