User Research Learnings

Members are quick to pick up on the value of a strong giveaway with time urgency and share virally on FB, Twitter and sites like SlickDeals.


Providing an incentive to reward rapid response with a giveaway, drives urgency and engagement. Using liquidity as the payout for Sweeps entry, at random times throughout the day and with random thresholds (first 1000 vs first 50) will drive behavior that leads to habits that will increase recurrent play. Members need to browse Sweeps content throughout the day to spot active DoorBusters. They will likely see other promotions they like and enter those when they check in.


We messaged clearly when the incentive is live to drive member interest and attention. We also varied time for DoorBuster launch and value/number of winners to gamify incentive and teach members to check in at random times during the day to take advantage of this benefit.


By creating randomly offered incentives with clear indicators, focusing on times when most members visit SYW.com with tools to share the promotion, Sweeps generated excitement in social circles and drove targeted recurrence of ~70,000 NEW unique members per month.