User Research Learnings

Featured Sweeps is an important element of the Sweeps experience, after a few iterations and testing of the landing, we found that users reacted more positively to the large format carousel. We also learned that Industry wide, additional clicks account for 50% of falloff. At past volume an average of ~21,000 players can be accounted for by this falloff per month. We convert recurrent players at 51% before


By providing a way to feature more sweeps above the fold it would keep the members interest and drive more engagement. Adding the “Get Started Now” button, when an entry is available, to the collapsed view of Sweeps reduces a click and provides a constant reminder that there is more to do. This should made it “easier” to play and drive recurrent play.


We decreased the height of the carousel and also provided a better way to display the Sweeps images for these featured Sweeps. The “Discovery Menu” is placed ‘above the fold’ to indicate to users there are more promotions below. The hover preview gives a sneak-peek into what other promotions are featured, which will drive more interest. We made ‘Get Started Now’ button available with fewer clicks. Brought the button to the collapsed view of Sweeps to reduce clicks (better UX), amplify opportunity of missed entries, to drive recurrent play.


Drive completion rates and recurrent play to add 40,000 unique recurrent players per month – volume will grow as player base increases.