UX, UI, IxD, VD, Flow, Wires


Analyze SYW Sweep’s platform from a UX perspective and apply user some tests and an eventual redesign of the current key screens of the interface to increase the speed of user flows with quantitative data to validate our design decisions. Also, supply any gamification recommendations from a user perspective. Which in turn would help aid to increase the number of visits/visitors, reduce bounce rate, as well as increasing users time on site to play more sweepstakes.


Competitive/Comparative/Heuristic Analysis, User Research (Survey, User Interviews, Persona Cultivation), Timed User Tests, User Flows, Wireframes, Clickable Prototype, Visual Design, Design Specs and Styleguides for Developers

My Role

I was the UX/UI Designer and Interaction Designer for this project with two other graphic design partners. Initially I provided user research, heuristic and competitive analysis and also provided supplemental wireframes for certain flows. In addition to user testing the app, I also tested gamification elements and researched gamification strategy from a user perspective to offer recommendations regarding the clients ultimate gamification strategy moving forward.
Collaborated with software engineers, product managers, marketing team, and executives to define product parameters. Worked closely with engineering and QA teams to test app prior to launch.


SYW Sweeps’ initial user flows did not work in a comprehensible manner and users struggled initially in performing basic tasks which made us have to prototype different layouts and content. As a group, we focused on building a solid foundation of usability through lean testing and reiteration methods and tracking our progress through timed user tests via internal QA testings to show how our design improved the intuitiveness of the platform.

User Research Learnings

From members, we have learned that the primary prize in a Sweeps has the greatest effect on recurrent play. So, we’ve made it easier for members to get to the prizes they want through Sweeps’ “Discovery Menu.”
Member feedback is collected from five primary sources: 1. Action data from SYW.com; 2. Sweeps App; 3. Communications like email, social and text; 4. Direct response to Sweeps’ poll questions; and 5. Feedback collected from SYW.com feedback module.


We implemented the Discovery Menu (represented by the icons below) to provide fast access to what the member wants to win and to showcase prize categories they may not be aware of. This is accessed in a carousel under Sweeps’ search field above the fold. We also made it easier for our users to start a contest/sweeps with just one click, by moving the Get Started buttons to the homepage.


We launched the Discovery Menu and saw increased use. Tweaking the UX to assure above the fold visibility has increased use to help members win what they want.