Concept, Design, Flow, Wires, IxD, VD


This was a project to create a Shop Your Way - Coupons Stand-Alone App .
I was tasked to create the user flow and concept for a stand-alone app for Shop Your Way's Coupon team.
This project included, ux, interaction and visual design direction.


Create a smartphone application that allow users to have the convenience of having SYW’s Coupon in the palm of their hands.

My Role

As the UX/UI Designer for this project I focused on interpreting data gathered from contextual inquiries, usability tests from the existing website, usability testing from competitor’s websites, and and extended user journey study to create a practical and delightful way to save and clip coupons. I created hi fidelity prototypes on Sketch with multiple iterations and user tests using Invision.


Created and designed a cleaner and easier way for users to search, filter, save, shop using coupons made available on Shop Your Way.
Sketching out the initial wireframes for the app allowed me to rapidly work through ideas and concepts for functionality as well as visual design elements through the various screens and states.
Once my concepts were presented and approved from my team. I then moved to developing LoFi mockups to view my ideas digitally. I could then start applying the Sears branding colors and UX patterns to my layouts .