Concept, Design, Flow, Wires, IxD, VD


Provide a better user experience of the Win It App experience as well as integrating it with the Shop Your Way Everywhere site.


Competitive/Comparative/Heuristic Analysis, User Research, Timed User Tests, User Flows, Wireframes, Clickable Prototype, Visual Design, Design Specs and Styleguides for Developers 

My Role

I was the Lead Product Designer for this project working with 2 separate agencies and a Product Owner. Initially I provided user research, heuristic and competitive analysis and also provided supplemental wireframes for certain flows. In addition to user testing the app, I also tested gamification elements and researched gamification strategy from a user perspective to offer recommendations regarding the clients ultimate gamification strategy moving forward
Collaborated with software engineers, product managers, marketing team, and executives to define product parameters. Worked closely with engineering and QA teams to test app prior to launch


From Win It’s initial MVP release we found that a lot of users were interested in being able to Win Products that they want. Users kept coming back to try to win and were happy with winning points which in turned converted them into Sears shoppers. The “Win, Earn, Save” concept could greatly enhance the SYWE/rewards value proposition.

  • Strong diffusion and adoption indicators for product design /member value
  • Strong redemption on points earned, driving incremental trips/transactions
  • Monetization for “regular entries” meeting expectations
  • Underestimated scale necessary for “sponsored entries”
  • Have not been able to capitalize on the rich intent indicated by granular product selection (SHC integrations are at the product category level)
Get the Lay of the Land

We conducted a feature analysis to understand the Win It’s advantage, as well as how to maintain the upperhand and leverage any existing best practices. I began by getting a feel for the scope of the project. What was the current state of the product? Who are the competitors? Were there any? How are their solutions designed? Analyzing similar products to identify strengths and weaknesses lead to design opportunities later in the process.
Win It is unique in it’s approach as there isn’t really a product like it that exist in the market just yet.
One of our in direct competitors were: Game It

Stakeholder Interviews

Win It is unique and there were several key stakeholders for this project. Since the Win It project was not just an app refresh and redesign, it was also an integration to help leverage our rewards platform.
Every stakeholder has their own perspective. Listening to them will helped me strike a balance between the goals of the user and the goals of the business. This step also acts as an introduction, and opens the line of communication moving forward. Especially since this project involved 2 separate external agencies that is helped develop the suite of products.

Analyze the results.

With sufficient information on my research, I began organizing it to reveal patterns in user behaviors and demographics. Using this information, I prioritize features and construct the research report to validate future design decisions.

Rapid design studios.

Once we had a clear understanding of the challenge and the users, I can begin visualizing high-level designs through rapid, timed sketching sessions. I like to involve as many stakeholders as I can in these sketching sessions because they are an ideal way to explore design strategies with minimal time and financial investment.

Iterate Iterate Iterate

I conducted some internal usability tests at each phase of the design process by using prototyping tools like Invision and Marvel. To determine if a design is intuitive to users, I asked users to complete various tasks and observe their interaction. By starting usability testing early in the process with low-fidelity prototypes, key flaws were identified and improved upon quickly.

Move to higher fidelity.

After the designs were proven to be intuitive through testing, I raise the fidelity and make the design not only usable, but delightful for the user. The visual aspect of the design will reflect the company brand and identity, helping solidify the experience and brand as one.